Links, the unthemed edition

This time, my list follows no particular theme, but here are some links that I've collected lately and found interesting:

Semantic Versioning: Guide to how semantic versioning works.

A Study Plan to Cure Javascript Fatigue: This post provides a pretty good guide for how to learn Javascript, starting with React, ES6, Redux, and GraphQL. Dealing with the front-end user interactive functionality on my current project has made me realize how useful Javascript can be, and I think the resources in this post will come in useful for any future web development projects.

20 Weird & Wonderful Datasets for Machine Learning: Always worth having links to any useful open data sets. I'm particularly interested in the mushroom one, which could make for a fun side project.

git reflog: I made a mistake during rebasing and thought I had lost all the changes I had made on the branch. My mentor suggested that I check git reflog, which completely saved me from the horrible prospect of having to repeat a good two or three hours of work. Resolved to be more vigilant about rebasing in the future, but in the meantime, I am glad that there's always a backup somewhere in git, as long as you remember to commit.

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